Fostering the continuous personal development of individuals through innovative learning paths, comprising a high input of intercultural learning, supported by non-formal and informal learning methods.



A key learning mechanism for a EU knowledge-based economy
Apprenticeships are planned with the support our experts, staffs and partners in the industry, providing a structured programme that takes learners through the competences they need to do efficiently practice a profession.

Apprentices learn on the job, building up skills, knowledge and behaviour, gaining work-based qualifications and earning money all at the same time.




Inclusive course of study
Developing a continuing educational platform comprising a set of activities, co-designed and implemented by the consortium, which address the need for a more inclusive and efficient acquisition of competences (behavior, knowledge and skills) for youth workers, women returning to work, migrant population, and training providers according to their position in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) value chain at European level.

The programme is more specifically based on two main drivers: the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Global Education agenda, policies and recommendations.



Learning mobilities

Global nomad apprentice and worker
Our main aim is to enhance employability through challenging learning programmes, innovative training methodologies and strong international cooperation, encouraging and supporting the concept of global nomad apprentice and worker.

Creating professional mobility and raising employability within a European Union framework through innovative education and training focusing on non-formal and informal learning, providing an inclusive and effective human capitalisation, continuously updating its skills, fostering a mobility-enabling culture.



Capacity building

Business innovation and personal development
Our mission is to encourage and support the process of business innovation toward a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in a variety of fields within the sector of tourism, more specifically: rural tourism, agro-tourism, and eco-tourism, to name but a few. We manage small and medium sized companies and organisations through strategic and long term partnerships development. We provide a social entrepreneurship approach to generate innovative and reliable outcomes, creating and enhancing social values, social cohesion and inclusive growth, while also empowering communities.