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IGTrain Grundtvig Multilateral Project 2013-2015

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The Grundtvig European project “Training to Train- Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge on the workplace” (IGTrain) will improve the employability for older people (50+) and provide additional skills to the younger employees.

Brussels (BE), February 13, 2014. The IGTrain project makes a significant contribution to the Europe 2020 strategy, promoting the increase of the employment rate and the inclusion in the life-long learning of the population aged 20-64.

People aged 50+ have knowledge, skills and experience, which cannot be taught in school and which they have acquired in more than 30 years of work experience. Enhancing intergenerational learning and cooperation at the workplace will benefit the employers and employees and positively influence the employability of older people. The IGTrain consortium will develop for 2 years (end in October 2015) an innovative train-the-trainer course for people aged 50+ in order to improve their training skills for intergenerational transfer of knowledge and give them an additional merit in the eyes of their employers by allowing them to be successful on-the-job trainers and mentors. The kick-off meeting (Innsbruck, November 2013) clarified the stages to achieve the new approach to intergenerational learning at the workplace following the strategy based on the direct involvement of the beneficiaries of the training throughout the project duration.The project partners are at the moment conducting a survey on the needs of the target groups to define the key features of the training to be developed subsequently. Surveys to people 50+, young people (age 18-30) and employers are being carried out in Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Belgium and Turkey.In further stages, each partner is going to test the results of the training courses and use them along with the information from the observations of the on the job training programmes in order to generate good practices and case studies to promote the idea of more structured intergenerational learning at the workplace.

The website of the project has just been released and it will be the place where all updated information about the project can be found.

The partners are Verein Multikulturell (AT), Bimec Ltd (BG), Cooss Marche (IT), Waterpolis (PT), Partenalia aisbl (BE) and Mozaik (TK) with broad experience in the fields of training, employment, migration, youth, active aging, adult education as well as intercultural relations and social responsibility.The second working meeting will take place in Ancona (Italy) on 8-9 April 2014.

Belgian Partner: Partenalia aisbl.
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