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The Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Associação Caminho Sentido offered the opportunity of implementing an on-the job training activity which started in 02.02.2015 and that was completed on 27.02.2015 with 5 specific learning units encompassing communication, ICT tools utilization, creative writing, procurement and project management. Complementary learning activities are currently being organized in a long term lifelong learning activity embedded in the CSO’s education and training programme for 2015-2017.

The aim of this learning activities was to implement the on-the-job (JOB) training concepts encompassed in the Trainer’s Guide, following the evidence-based results related to intergenerational learning. The work-based mentoring process used both residential working activities in group or individually, and individual e-learning sessions, using the Open Web provider Google, and more specifically the platform Google Site and all related tools, such as Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Drive, to name but a few.

Still of Mr. Jorge Telles de Menezes in Sintra (Lisbon Greater Area) during a preparatory session

Still of Mr. Jorge Telles de Menezes in Sintra (Lisbon Greater Area) during a preparatory session

The JOB activity generated the opportunity to collect a variety of observation from the mentor and the mentees aiming at:

  1. improving the Trainer’s Guide structure, content and modularity;
  2. unveiling possible obstacles to the learning process and identifying feasible answer to overcome them;
  3. identifying key needs for the development and fostering of intergenerational learning in CSOs;
  4. fine-tuning conventional methodologies in order to adjust specific needs and better answer to the objectives of the learning pathway;
  5. evaluating the learning curve in order to identify, categorize and define key practices that will be gathered in a good practice model.

In addition, the working activities provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and outline the train-the-trainer (TTT) and on-the-job (JOB) concepts and learning activities. The sessions also provided conditions to prepare material and information, and the establishment of protocols to include ESCO and ECVET frameworks, in coordination with Waterpolis partners and network in Norway, France, Italy, Spain, FYROM, Turkey and Croatia.

A variety of topics on non-formal and informal Education and Training differences and similarities in the field of Culture, media and ICTs where discussed globally during the JOB mentoring sessions. Rendez-vous was taken with the CSO for the month of June to further deepen the possible exploitation of results of the project IGTrain, addressing specifically the matter of intergenerational learning. It was proposed by Waterpolis that the additional train-the trainer (TTT), JOB and workshops activities could be documented in order to be able to create valuable information for other ongoing projects activities.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa


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