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Waterpolis promoted a workshop in the city of Beirã (Marvão area), which addressed the organization of a train-the-trainer (TTT) and On-the-Job (JOB) activities, to be set up in May with the support of the association Memória de Records Clube. This workshop which took place in Beirã on Friday the 10.04.2015 from 19h00 to 20h30 and gathered 15 attendees.


Beirã is located in a remote and rural area where the main economic activity I centered in Agriculture, Tourism, Sports and Leisure, Administrative and Legal Services, and social care.

The specific objectives of this workshop where:

  1. update the participants on key findings from the TTT realized by Waterpolis in Lisbon in November 2014;
  2. identify organisations willing to put in practice the IGTrain training programme (TTT, JOB).

The attendees participating to this workshop where essentially workers and managers aged above 50 years old from Civil Society organisation involved in the economic sectors mentioned above. This attendees embodied the mentors’ profiles who would be organizing the TTT in their respective organisation.

First, the workshop centered in the analysis of the Trainer’s Guide (TrG) and aimed at providing a practical feedback from all attendees on the matter of:

  1. the structure of the TRG, i.e. “Should it be with the proposed format/structure?”; “Should some parts be withdrawn?”; “Should other sections or parts be added?”; “Should some modules be withdrawn or added?”; “Should some themes be withdrawn or added?”; etc.
  2. other suggestions on the specific structure of the TrG were inquired;
  3. what could be the duration and format of the TTT, i.e “a few hours during a few days?”; etc.
  4. other inquiries were realized on a variety of other applicable enhancements.

Second, a group of pairs mentor/mentee or (trainer/trainee) where identified from different organisations, namely Barbara Kroon from the Bed & Breakfast Barbara’s and António (SME), Christian Brand from Azorvida Web Design (SME), Humberto Vital from FIMM (CSO). The realization of the TTT and JOB activities will be organized between May and June 2015 and will be reported accordingly.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa


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