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Waterpolis gathered a group of manager and workers in the field of hospitality, in order to present the results of the train-the-trainer activities that took place in November 2014 and specifically regarding intergenerational settings involving mentors of 50+ years old and youngster between 18 and 25 years old.


Still of the venue in the district of Amadora (Lisbon Metropolitan Area)

The main aim of this work shop was to identify and outline possible application of train-the-trainer and mentoring learning processes in the field of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure. The workshop gathered a group of ten persons from the Jardim da Amadora hotel, located in Amadora (Lisbon Metropolitan Area).

This workshop was organized on 28.01.2015 in the facilities of the hotel, by Waterpolis and its partner Tojas investimentos (Tojas), with the support and leadership of Mr. Nizar Sultanali and Mr. Ismete Sultanali; the latter is director of the hotel, and a candidate mentor for a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) and On-the-Job (JOB) training programme, with which Waterpolis is preparing a set of learning activities for 2015-2016, namely Peer Learning Activities (PLA), TTT and JOB learning activities, encompassing the application of ECVET (learning mobilities) and EUROPASS frameworks.

The working activities provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and outline in a practical way the preparation of a set of activities aiming at taking stock from the project IGTrain, and aiming at increasing the employability of young people, and the better integration of currently employed young workers with the support of mentoring programmes led by 50+ years old workers.

All this activities will be synchronized with the ongoing project “Entrepreneurship and Community Cooperatives – EntCom” (project reference 2014-1-IT02-KA204-003631) funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ 2014-2020, and within which Tojas is the Portuguese partner, which main aim is to increase the employability of Youngsters.

The following activities were realized during this work shop:

  1. outlining of a work plan describing specific set of learning activities, and discussing a calendar of activities;
  2. identifying and categorizing quantitative and qualitative objectives;
  3. discussing on possible spin-offs such as the formation of an intergenerational learning (IGL) working group including representatives of the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure in the Greater Lisbon Area (Área Metropolitana de Lisboa) as a pilot test (population of districts of Sintra, Odivelas and Pontinha, which is more than 800.000, 2011);
  4. discussing the organization of a campaign at regional level (Sintra, Odivelas and Pontinha districts) to engage SMEs on the matter of IGL aiming at multiplying the project activities (targeting approximately 200 SMEs in 2015);
  5. analysing and discussing the results of the TTT realized by Waterpolis in November 2014, namely feedbacks from the mentors, templates used, etc. and preparing together a programme of mentoring activities.

On this occasion leaflets were circulated and participants were invited to distribute more leaflets to other pertinent professional relationship and interested parties.

Rendez-vous was set for May 2015 in order to analyse the draft of the work plan and the start of the inception phase which is globally represented by the identification of candidates for the anticipated activities.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa

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