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Waterpolis promoted on 30.04.2015 a working session and meeting on the project in reference between the working group accompanying the refered project in the company, and a group of thirteen students and four teachers from the professional school IEK of Nikaia (Athens, Greece).


The session was organized with a group of students of the Web Design industry, Graphic Design and programming for the applications of new technologies in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in collaboration with the companies Boost Your Digital (BYD) and Learn to Grow (L2G). This workshop was at the same time embedded in IEK school‘s initiative under the project “Professional Skills Enhancement Skills and Vocational Trainees” with reference 2014-1-EL01-KA102-000838 (ERASMUS +). In addition, an information session was provided to a group of seven students in the field of Podology.

The workshop’s main objective was to communicate detailed information on the specific activities of the project in question and ask participants relevant observations around the theme of intergenerational training.

Participants had the opportunity to provide relevant comments on key points such as:

  1. knowledge and interpretation of the specific needs of learners;
  2. methodologies applicable in the field of intergenerational training;
  3. what skills are necessary for the trainer, so that the training is effective and satisfactory;
  4. what are the intergenerational skills that must be addressed in training;
  5. difficulties related to the age difference between trainees (youngsters) and trainers (aged 50+ years old), etc.

The session allowed to initiate the preparation of a training the trainers experience (TTT) which will later be followed by a training session in the workplace (JOB) in accordance with the principles and methodologies indicated by the project IGTrain, and which might be held at BYD company with the support of L2G (to be subsequently confirmed).

The group of students aged between 19 and 25 years, future candidates for jobs applications from June 2015 will introduce the project IGTrain to their employers in order to encourage the application of concepts and principles in terms of intergenerational training in particular with TTT training programmes combined with JOB programmes.

In turn, the BYD L2G and companies were invited to consider the possibility of carrying out on their premises a training program integrating the concepts of IGTrain project.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa


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