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Waterpolis gathered a group of workers and SME managers representative of different generations in order to discuss the feasibility of the implementation of an open web based training platform integrating the concepts of Train-the-trainer (TTT) and On-the-Job (JOB) training in the fields of Health and Care (Mrs. Linda Campos), Hospitality Tourism and Leisure (Mrs. Lígia Cabral), Culture and Arts (Mrs. Vesela Molovska), Web and Graphic Design (Mr. Christian Brand), Accountancy (Mr. António Pereira), VET (Mrs. Oksana Tkachyk) and Administrative occupations (Mrs. Rute Campos).

The main aim of this work shop was to identify and outline possible application of IGTrain mentoring and work-based training processes using the Open Web provider Google, and more specifically the platform Google Site and all related tools, such as Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Drive, to name but a few. The workshop gathered a group of seven attendees.

Still of the venue in Sintra (Lisbon Greater Area)

Still of the venue in Sintra (Lisbon Greater Area)

This workshop was organized on 27.03.2015 in the facilities of the Sintra National Library, by Waterpolis and its partner Associação Somática, with the support and leadership of Mrs. Linda Campos.

The working activities provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and outline in a practical way the utilization of a user-friendly online platform that will provide an excellent tutorial framework aiming at delivering efficient tools for the preparation, organisation, implementation and evaluation of training programmes based on IGTrain concepts.

The following key features have been discussed:

  1. tutorial folder architecture;
  2. questionnaire filling-in for TTT and JOB preparation, considering a need analysis (Google Doc Forms);
  3. video-conferences (with hang-out format);
  4. email and chat real-time communication (between mentors/mentees);
  5. Gantt chart for TTT and JOB management and monitoring;
  6. You-tube integrated video recording and publishing to support tutorials.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa


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