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Following the initiation of IGTrain training programme in the SME Right Contract located in the city of Amadora (Greater Lisbon Area), which started with the first generation of Train-the-Trainer (TTT.Gen.1) learning activity, the first generation of on-the-job (JOB) learning activity started on 01.06.2015 with four mentees, one woman and three men, all youngsters under 30 years old.

The IGTrain international dissemination event held in the city of Amadora on 17.02.2015 provided the opportunity to connect with a variety of SMEs namely Right Contract, a SME located in the city of Amadora and specialized in green areas management, and managed by Mr. Malam Seidi.

In addition of this for-profit activity, Mr. Seidi established a not for profit association, “Aldeia Lusófona”, a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) which aim is to foster community smart growth encompassing a high level of  intercultural development. As member and responsible for the development of capacity building programmes, Mr. Bruno Silva, manager of Waterpolis, cooperate actively with the association. More precisely, an already successful partnership was confirmed with the implementation of the project “eLIST – European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training” (project reference number 2014-1-IT02-KA204-003644) started in September 2014.

Mr. Seidi and Mr. Silva aim at combining the development of the two entities Right Contract (SME) and “Aldeia Lusófona” (CSO) in order to foster the implementation of IGTrain intergenerational training programmes. Candidates for the JOB learning activities will be recruited in the CSO whereas the SME will provide mentors through the implementation of TTTs.

The main competences that will be addressed in the JOBs activities are:

  1. entrepreneurial;
  2. rganization and coordination;
  3. communication;
  4. technical (green area management).

till of the first group for JOB from the CSO “Associação Aldeia Lusófona” located in Amadora (Greater Lisbon Area) – With the light blue polo, Mr. Malam Seidi, mentor, who attended the TTT in November 2014


Still of the working group for the next generation of mentors – In the center with the white T-Shirt, Mr. Malam Seidi, mentor for the youngsters, and trainer (TTT) for 5 members of the working group, all aged 50+, and future mentors for Right Contract and for their respective organisation as well.

Please also find more information on the following pages:
English version
Versão Portuguesa


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