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Dissemination of IGTrain pilot-testing phase in Portugal

Website of the project: IGTrain

The dissemination of the pilot training phase (TTT) of the project IGTrain is provided to Waterpolis stakeholder list through emails at national level and also face-to face meetings are being implemented with all associated partners at local level. Besides the specific information of the TTT, leaflets are being distributed to targeted professional or networks organisations.

The mentors were all gathered in order to provide more specific information on the key objective and operational objective of the pilot-training phase (TTT), as well as to address the overall organisation of the TTT.

Introduction of the TTT and distribution of the questionnaires ANTE

A questionnaire was distributed to collect specific information on the professional experience and learning path of each participants, aiming also at gathering a better understanding of their expectations regarding the objectives and expected results of the TTT.
Mentors actively contributed to a debate on the content of the Trainer’s Guide, and more specifically on the descriptions of the modules, as well on particular aspects of the intergenerational learning (IGL) settings. Focus was brought on the necessity of a clear and accurate understanding of the possible barriers and obstacles of IGL training sessions. In addition, the possibility of creating condition to develop further multiplications of the IGTrain project has been discussed all along the TTT, namely regarding the opportunity to design and develop learning mobilities.
All participants have been also disseminating information to a variety of individuals and organisations all along the duration of the TT during the months of November and December 2014.

The TTT was developed by Mr. Dean Thomson, professional and certified trainer with a specialization in adult training, in 8 different sessions of 3 hours each, along the month of November and December and allowed to implement 4 of the modules embedded in the Trainer’s Guide, more specifically:

  • Module 1 ― General aspects of learning
  • Module 2 ― Communication
  • Module 4 ― Methods of training´
  • Module 5 ― How to structure a training session and build a training plan

As a complementary initiative and in addition to the 24 hours of residential training, Mr. Bruno Silva also contributed to the TTT as facilitator, namely in the Module “Communication”, addressing intercultural competences, completing a few additional hours.

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Please also find more information on the following pages:
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